Hi, I’m Paul Barrell a UK based  Indie author who writes novels  in the mystery/ suspense  genre.
My USP is that all my storylines are based on, or inspired by true accounts.  All my  novels are available on Amazon kindle,  in paperback and Audio.


‘EIGHTEEN’ Stephen King Meets the Sixth Sense



The latest offering from Paul Barrell is a sure fire winner. Inspired by a true story this is toe curling, heart pumping, edge of the seat stuff.
A very successful departure from his usual genre.
Pacy, atmospheric and surely the stuff of nightmares.

Hilary Mander



If this story doesn’t scare you then you are probably already dead. Highly recommended.
Sheengate Publishing

Nerve shredding. This novel is so fast paced, it will leave you breathless. Part 2 is one heart stopping twist after another.
Surrey Magazine

If you call for the devil. He will surely come. A British horror classic.
Amazon Reviewer

Ice filled my veins every time someone ventured upstairs to The Eyrie.
Philipa Nicholson

An edge of your seat read, an unputdownable ghost story that will leave you sleeping with the lights on. A genuinely frightening well written modern twist on a classic genre.
Dan Twisleton- The Battersea Blogger

Surely the stuff of nightmares.
Amazon Reviewer

Check under your bed, before you turn the light out.
Amazon Reviewer

Cornwall 1974

It’s Halloween, and against their parents advice three teenage friends decide to hold a séance. At first it seems the dead don’t want to talk but slowly shadows of the past start to emerge. The contact begins – a Roman legionnaire, a Polish boy and a famous cellist all come through with messages. As the teenagers concentrate on the process, keyed up with excitement, exhilaration and fear, aspects of the three teenagers personalities start to appear. Jeff, and Jo, both have demons of their own. While JP, the youngest, appears to be the most vulnerable and most affected by the strange energy that moves the glass. However their innocent fun is curtailed when a new spirit arrives. Despite their efforts the uninvited will not divulge its name and there is something sinister and threatening about it’s tone. They soon realise that IT knows their inner most secrets. How? Is one of them duping the others? Or are they in contact with a much darker force. When a disturbing truth abruptly ends their evening, they presumed IT would leave them alone. They were wrong…

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The Girl in the White Dress is quite simply unforgettable and unputdownable. It is based on a true story .

Every Family has secrets. Imagine discovering you were guilty of something you can’t remember.

A young family from London take a trip of a lifetime to the Caribbean aboard the cruise liner Oriana.

2005 The Peak District.
Following the death of his wife, Paul finds a menu card from the Oriana covered in personal messages from the ghosts of his childhood.

One particular address catches his eye , and memories are stirred as he begins to dream about a girl in a white dress.
Gradually with his mothers help he starts to unravel the identity of a long forgotten childhood sweetheart, and the disturbing truth about an incident that took place on the ship. Something that would implicate his whole family, a Pandoras box of lies and deceit.

Paul never saw the girl again after the cruise . Their shared guilt had remained hidden for 30 years. That was until today…

It is a remarkable story about loss and grief, and one persons quest for the truth. Sometimes in life things happen to us that are beyond our control; you don’t need to believe in ghosts or the supernatural, just believe in the Universe and the threads of random chance that link us all together.

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Everyone dreams of finding paradise. What if you find it ? Will you stay forever or will it destroy you? A young couple, a Priest an an escaped prisoner. Who can you trust when everyone has something to hide. For centuries people had been drawn to a mysterious island in the Coral sea.In search of a new life a young couple swopped their mundane existence in England for a land steeped in ancient aboriginal folklore. At first luck seemed to be on their side and within weeks they secured much needed employment, however when two strangers sailed into one of the bays their idyllic life began to shatter. Rumours of an escaped prisoner and an ancient burial site were the catalyst for a chain of events that became ever more sinister.

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3 College friends from 2 different backgrounds and 1 dark secret.
From wild times in 1980’s London, 25 years later to a reunion in Cheshire.
Reunited by tragedy for an evening they will never forget.
A novel about belonging,loyalty and the fragility of friendship.

Looking for investors to share in my publishing journey. My aim to set up a UK publishing company for my books.

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