Author of contemporary Fiction. Writing in mystery, suspense, relationship genres.
The storylines are based on actual events.


Magnetic North: Part 2 of the Postcards Trilogy

Everyone dreams of finding paradise. What if you find it ? Will you stay forever or will it destroy you? A young couple, a Priest an an escaped prisoner. Who can you trust when everyone has something to hide. For centuries people had been drawn to a mysterious island in the Coral sea.In search of a new life a young couple swopped their mundane existence in England for a land steeped in ancient aboriginal folklore. At first luck seemed to be on their side and within weeks they secured much needed employment, however when two strangers sailed into one of the bays their idyllic life began to shatter. Rumours of an escaped prisoner and an ancient burial site were the catalyst for a chain of events that became ever more sinister.

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3 College friends from 2 different backgrounds and 1 dark secret.
From wild times in 1980’s London, 25 years later to a reunion in Cheshire.
Reunited by tragedy for an evening they will never forget.
A novel about belonging,loyalty and the fragility of friendship.

Looking for investors to share in my publishing journey. My aim to set up a UK publishing company for my books.

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